Do we have the Great River?

26 11 2008

River in the old days

This morning I woke up with lots of question in my head.  Most of the questions are starting with the word “Why” and “How”.  Those questions come from my dream last night.
I was fishing in a beautiful and clean river.   Maybe that was the nicest time of my fishing experience.  The water is very clean like glass.  I could see small fish and fresh-water shrimp swimming in the river.  Some metalic blue coloured kingfisher fly quickly passing in front of me, then suddenly they dive to the water.  They take small fish and shrimp.  In the other part of the river, I saw five happy children swimming and playing in the water.  Beside them, three women washing their clothes and fill up their water container for cooking. 

But, those things are not real.  I was asked to a women there for a name of this lovely river.  She laughed at me when I asked that.  “How come you don’t know the name of this river.  It is the great Ciliwung river!  I believe you are not from somewhere else.  You are from this town right?”  She explained that to me with a big smile and laugh. 

I woke up with this confusion.  Ciliwung is the name of one big river in my town Bogor.  Since I started my live here, 19 years ago, I never seen Ciliwung as beautiful as in my dream.  Ciliwung that I know is very dirty.  The water is brown and smell bad.  I never seen any shrimp can be found there.  What I always find are only plastics and other garbage.

I completely aware that that was only a dream.  Dream that people usually never believe it will be happened.  But, that dream has given me lots of question.   Why is Ciliwung became like this?  Why nobody ever give any attention to the quality of this river?  Why this “great river” (the way that Dutch people called when the Dutch governed in Bogor) become smelly, dirty and bad river?  How can we back to the old time when the river was still in good condition?  How about doing something to rehabilitate Ciliwung?

Do you ever have any thought on this?

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You’re ROCK Party

24 11 2008

Two days ago, I was attracted to attend a party.  But the party was totally different to the usual birthday celebration or modern party.  The good thing for me on this party is (off course) no loud and shaking house music there.  There were music, but not strongly cover the whole building.  There was a stage, but no body use it for dance floor.  People who came do not need to stand with glass of beers, wine or spirits in their hands.  There are lots and lots of seats.  No cake with candles to be blow for a birthday.  And also no baloons and “happy birthday song”.  It was the mix between the nice and warm family event and the modern western party.  It was more looked like a show or event, but very friendly like a social gathering.

The chairman on screen

The chairman on screen

Party was only a word that being used in here.  It was a gathering event of Indonesian bloggers, called “Pesta Blogger 2008”.  Pesta, is literally translated into English as party.  This was the second event of Indonesian bloggers, since the first one conducted last year.  The theme was Blogging for Society … what a nice dreaming vision.  The organiser were having a dream to bring the bloggers’ world of Indonesia to have social awareness and responsibilities through blogging.  Maybe that’s why they invited so many bloggers communities in Indonesia.

People who came were mostly bloggers, no matter how updated their blogs are, or how well-known or famous them.  Bloggers or people who are friends to bloggers attended the event.  More than half of them brought laptop computer and digital camera.  No official dress code, most of them using casual dress and some of them dress with only t-shirt, short pant and sleepers.  Not only city boys/girls, but also country boys/girls.  Not only computer geeks, but also students, journalists, NGO activists, writers, employees of the business sector, government employees, artists, celebrities, or house wives.  They came from almost the whole of bloggers location in Indonesia, from Sumatera, Island of Batam, Java, Kalimantan, Bali and Sulawesi.  You can imagine how diverse they are.

Dinda enjoying her twin sisters band

Dinda enjoying her twin sister's band

The nice part of this party was how people are happy and having fun with their freedom of being in Pesta Blogger 2008.  I found a bunch of one bloggers community who always taking picture of themselves at the same time when the organiser were trying hard to get attention from the audience.  Or how some people were busy with their camera to get nice candid shots of other people.  Or almost one third of the participants who did serious internet surfing with their laptop to do blogging or chatting with their virtual friends.  Or some people who just chatting and laughing with their blogger friends in the corner of the main room.  People are using the event for their own freedom to gather both on-line and off-line.

Nice and energetic violin performance

Nice and energetic violin performance

Other nice thing during this event is music.  Life music performance has given more exciting environment.  A young but with a good musical capability band has dragged lots of bloggers enjoy the blues, famous reggae, and alternative pop song.  I couldn’t recall my memory how many song they play.  What I can remember are No Women No Cry, Every Breath You Take, and Let It Be.  This band was like three whitches who do their magic calling the people to sing with them.  The bloggers enthusiasm were there.  They asked the band to play more and more song. Bloggers didn’t want them to stop playing.  Other type of music also being performed.  It was the talented violin performance of such a sexy and beautiful girl.  She was not playing classical music.  Little bit different with the band performance before, this sexy girl atracted the audience with her energetic and speedy rock music.  Again, the bloggers become very enthusiast.  They took lots and lots of pictures of her playing the violin.

Now, the party is over.  Indonesian bloggers are back to our own town and own things.  But, that party should not only give a fun, relax and enjoyment for bloggers.  Bloggers should take the spirit of energetic, enthusiasm, and freedom from the party to make a useful change.  One famous celeblogger always mention in his speech during the party, “Bloggers are the agent of change for Indonesia!”‘.  Change for the freedom of speech, change for the social responsibility, change for education, change for better democracy, and change for better enviroment in this country.

A quote from Mr. Brown, a famous bloggers from Singapore who also attended Pesta Blogger 2008,“Bali Bloggers, you are rock! Yogyakarta Bloggers, you are rock!, Indonesian Bloggers, YOU ARE ROCK!!!”

River-side Wifi

8 11 2008
Siak bridge in the sunset

Siak bridge in the sunset

A few days ago, me and my colleague visited one of the beautiful town in Riau.  It is Siak Sri Indrapura, a capitol of Siak Regency in Riau Province, Sumatera. This town known as a place where Malay culture started.  We can find a historical Malay culture, like Siak Palace.  The palace of Sultan Siak which is lately also inspire most of the building model in this regency.  At least, almost every government’s building and mosques are made with similar model of the palace.

Having three days in this town has made me enjoy the town hospitality.  A small but clean and beautiful town located at the side of Siak river.  In the morning, this town is covered by mist.  Old people do the jog and walk or sweep their front yard.  Kids are ready go for school with their Malay type uniform.  Quiet and not busy as the other usual town. 

Public Wifi sign in the river side park

Public Wifi sign in the river side park

When the sun going down before evening, other beautiful scene comes.  The reflection of sunlight makes orange and yellowish colour on top of the river.  If we sit and have a coffee at the river side park, we can see the famous Siak Bridge as silhouette in front of the sunset.

One interesting situation in this town for the people is the government’s services for technology.  This maybe the only town in this country that having a public Wifi.  You just need to sit down, start your laptop, turn your wireless on, log-in, then you can easily surf the internet freely.  The government of Siak has provided lots of Wifi sign location nearby the bridge.  You can choose to surf the internet in the river side with coffee, or you do it inside the car nearby the bridge.  For login, you just use simple username “siak” and then password “sriindrapura”.

That’s the beauty and interesting place to be visited.  I would recommend you, to visit.

Buah penghibur

28 10 2008

Dalam kondisi lelah, baik fisik maupun mental, umumnya kita semua butuh adanya penghibur.  Eittss … jangan dulu anda berpikir negatif tentang hal ini.  Memang kata “penghibur” selalu saja dikonotasikan sebagai bagian dari hiburan seksualitas.  Walaupun secara harfiah kata ini belum tentu ke arah sana, namun orang pada umumnya senang meng-kaitkannya.  Penghibur pada konteks ini adalah datangnya suasana yang menenangkan dan mengendurkan ketegangan yang melanda fisik maupun pikiran.

durian sebagai teman bekerja

Kemarin kebetulan sekali, saya bersama teman-teman sedang sibuk membahas sebuah rencana besar.  Sebuah rencana yang hampir mulia sifatnya, dan bisa berguna bagi khalayak banyak.  Maka segenap pikir dan tenaga diperas habis untuk memastikan agar rencana tersebut dapat jadi rencana yang kreatif, inspiratif, dan bisa diaplikasikan.  Sebagai upahnya … pembahasan rencana ini pun menguras habis energi yang kami miliki.  Pembahasan pun memakan waktu lama sejak pagi hingga malam.

Ketika akhirnya kami menyelesaikan rencana tersebut, ketika pula lahh jarum jam telah menunjukkan angka menjelang tengah malam.  Sementara energi makan siang kami sudah habis dan tak sempat mengisi tambahan energi dengan makan malam.  Tatapan mata menjadi nanar, keringat mengucur deras, seluruh persendian terasa lemas tak mampu menopang bobot tubuh.  Namun dalam suasana lemah dan redup ini, tak dinyana seorang kawan datang ke arah kerumunan diskusi kami dan berkata, “Bang … ini ada durian, abang semua mau kan?”  Kontan seluruh peserta diskusi melonjak girang sambil mengiyakan, “Mauuu lahh … sudah dibelah sekalian belum?”  Energi kami rasanya tak mampu lagi untuk bahkan membelah durian, maka wajar jika kami menanyakannya.  Syukurlah hal itu tak perlu dilakukan karena 4 buah durian sudah dibelah oleh kawan itu.

Kejadian berikutnya, kami bertiga dengan lahap telah asyik masyuk dengan keempat buah durian.  Buah durian yang telah masak, dengan sedikit rasa pahit.  Rasa pahit yang menandakan bahwa durian ini tergolong enak untuk ukuran penggemar durian seperti saya.  Konon kata orang rasa pahit itu muncul karena adanya fermentasi dari daging buah durian.  Hmmm … nikmat sekali rasanya.  Setahun lebih rasanya tak mencicipi durian, kali ini saya merasakannya lagi.  Kerinduan yang lama ditambah dengan terpaan rasa lelah menjadi hilang.

Maka di menit-menit berikutnya kami pun kembali ceria dan segar.  Perut sudah terisi.  Hati pun terobati.  Ini mungkin yang disebut sebagai penghibur sejati.  Durian, sang dewa buah yang menjadi penghibur kelelahan pikir dan badan kami.  Beruntung juga rasanya bahwa pembahasan rencana besar dan mulia ini dilakukan di Pekanbaru, Riau.  Dilakukan terutama bertepatan waktunya dengan datangnya musim durian.  Alhamdulillaah ….

Sabtu ini mudik

26 09 2008

Seperti halnya tetangga, teman-teman kerja, maupun orang lain yang punya kampung halaman, saya dan keluarga berencana untuk pulang mudik. Kami akan pulang mudik hari Sabtu ini.

Segala hal yang berkaitan dengan kepulangan ini telah kami persiapkan sejak beberapa hari lalu, hingga malam ini. Pilihan mudik tahun ini adalah mudik dengan kendaraan pribadi.

Agak berbeda rasanya dengan tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Pulang mudik dengan kendaraan pribadi biasanya kami pilih karena memang berencana untuk memanfaatkan waktu libur lebaran dengan bertamasya sekeluarga. Sehingga tentu saja pilihannya bukanlah pilihan yang ekonomis. Jika ingin mudik ekonomis maka kami selalu mengupayakan untuk mudik dengan kendaraan umum, seperti bis malam. Namun kali ini pilihan menggunakan kendaraan umum ternyata tak mampu menjawab alasan ekonomi tersebut. Harga tiket kendaraan umum yang melambung tinggi dan sulitnya memperoleh kursi penumpang membuat kami memutuskan untuk tidak memilihnya. Bila dibanding-bandingkan, ternyata pilihan mudik dengan kendaraan sendiri dapat menghemat biaya mudik hingga 50% dibandingkan menggunakan kendaraan umum.

Tapi sudahlah … mungkin semakin lama ongkos kendaraan umum semakin tak bersahabat dengan penumpangnya.

Sabtu ini, kami sekeluarga pulang mudik. Mudik di hari yang diprediksi oleh banyak media sebagai hari puncak perjalanan mudik. Puluhan bahkan ratusan ribu orang akan pulang mudik di hari itu. Ribuan kendaraan pun akan memenuhi jalan. Jalanan macet bisa dibayangkan besar kemungkinannya akan terjadi. Perjalanan kami sekeluarga mungkin akan menemui tantangan mudik ini. Semoga mudik hari Sabtu ini tidak menjadi mudik yang sangat melelahkan. Semoga perjalanan kami lancar …

gambar di atas diambil dari laman ini

What is Kaboer Kanginan?

26 09 2008

Sebagai sebuah perkenalan. Blog ini sengaja mengambil nama Kaboer Kanginan, sebuah nama yang multi-interpretasi. Sama halnya dengan blog ini diharapkan tidak menggurui, namun menyampaikan beragam hal yang membuka cakrawala interpretasi yang beragam.

Bagi saya Kaboer Kanginan adalah sebuah akronim yang muncul ketika saya beraktivitas di alam bebas. Saya dapat melakukan apa pun yang saya inginkan tanpa adanya batas metodologi dan pesan pihak tertentu. Saya melakukannya dengan ikhlas. Aktivitas saya dapat berupa pembelajaran, pemahaman, cita-cita, keinginan, petualangan maupun hanya sebuah kekaguman pada alam. Maka itu istilah Kaboer Kanginan muncul sebagai singkatan atas ungkapan “kami amati burung karena keinginan”.

Namun demikian, karena sifatnya yang multi-interpretasi, bisa saja Kaboer Kanginan berarti melayang bebas tertiup angin.

Itulah penjelasan awal saya mengenai blog ini. Anda tidak perlu menunggu apa topik selanjutnya yang akan saya tampilkan dalam blog ini. Saya harap Anda pun tak akan memaksa saya untuk secara rutin dan terus-menerus menampilkan tulisan maupun berita di blog ini. Ini semua karena blog ini bernama Kaboer Kanginan.